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A Guide to Online Notaries

Through the wonderful magic of technology, you no longer have to physically be with someone to officially notarize a document. However, you may have many questions regarding how this works and what you would have

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Dreams for Kids

Dreams for Kids Founded in 1989 by the founder of Illinois Living Trust, Tom Tuohy, Dreams for Kids has served over 100,000 youths and is creating transformational student outcomes. The model is grounded in inquiry and

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Your Guardianship Risk

Guardianship is a legal proceeding people rarely understand fully and barely think about until it hits home.

The reality is that every one of us is at risk of becoming a ward of the state – under order and control of the court system. Let’s take a look at how that might happen.

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Title transfer form

Transfer Letters

Transfer Letters for Financial Institutions and Beneficiary Letters for Insurance and Tax-Deferred Accounts Account Transfer Letter   RE: Account No.: _____________________TRUST Dated:  Dear Sir or Madam:   The purpose of this correspondence is to inform

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Trustee Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE AT DEATH This Checklist is intended to provide a general list of the steps that are required to administer a Living Trust after the death of the Trustor. It is not

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Power of Attorney document

POD and TOD Account Disadvantages

What are POD and TODs? They are an increasingly popular method of providing for the distribution of financial accounts at your death. They are helpful in certain situations; however, there are critical limitations and risks associated with using them.

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Why essentials

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is essential Over the past 37 years, Tuohy Law Offices has prepared over 3,500 estate plans for its clients and helped them to preserve over $1 billion dollars in hard earned assets. Failing

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Know Your Health Care Rights

We have all experienced the health care system. Honestly, can you say you are looking forward to your next experience? Part of it is the uncertainty of what we will find out. However, most of our anxiety and frustration is about the feeling we are not in control. Well, you can be, and you have the